Planning Your Move

Congratulations! You are moving to a new home, now all you have to do is take care of one last step. Moving involves planning and hard work, but don’t worry, my pre-move tips will help you make your move seamless, and stress free.

Will you rent a truck move yourself or hire a moving company. Get estimates from moving companies, truck rental and storage companies and special item movers (e.g. piano movers). Arrange and book these services well in advance.

Decide what you want to take to your new home, what you want to throw out, what you want to donate or sell.

Purchase strong boxes (the same sizes make stacking easier) and packaging materials.

Pack non-essential items that you will not need. Clean out your closets, basement and garage. Get rid of or dispose of anything you do not need or want. Remember it takes much longer to pack than unpack. Be prepared and organized.

Clearly label and identify all boxes, also indicate which room or area of your new home they belong in.


Get change of address cards from the post office and send them out well before moving day.

Arrange to have your mail forwarded to your new address as of your move in date.

Inform your employer of your move, arrange to take time off for moving, legal appointments, home inspections etc.

Go through your monthly files, notify all companies you have services with or make regular payments to.

Call the gas and hydro companies, telephone, cable / satellite, home security and internet providers etc.

Arrange for the water heater rental (if applicable) to be transferred to the purchaser.

Have your oil tank filled and / or your septic system cleaned before your closing date and give the receipt to your lawyer.

Cancel and / or notify contracted services, snow removal, newspaper delivery, etc.

Update any online services you use of your address change.

Inform health practitioners and providers, Doctor, Dentist, Home Care, Pharmacy etc.

Inform any social, athletic, religious and business affiliations etc. of your move.

Notify your financial institution(s). If you will be changing banks your new bank may be able to arrange the transfer of your services. Also notify credit card companies, Insurance companies, legal and professional services etc.

Update your driver’s license, vehicle license plate sticker, health card, child tax benefits, social insurance number, personal income taxes, senior services or benefits and any other ministry services required.

Plan to clean out your fridge(s) and or freezer the week before you move. Throw out anything that is old or expired. Purchase large bags of ice or ice packs for moving day.

Purchase disposable or plastic cutlery, dishware, glasses and utensils, along with toilet paper and paper towels. Have them easily accessible at move in time.


Keep cleaning supplies handy. You will need easy access to these on moving day.

Arrange to move perishables, breakables, plants etc.

Make sure your children & pets are well cared for and attended to on moving day.

Your Lawyer will have the key to your new home and once title and money transfers are complete, you will need to make arrangements to pick up it up. Please check with your Lawyer for detailed information. Keep in mind it may be much later in the day by the time you finally get the key to your new home.

Don't forget that professional advice is only a phone call or email away. I help many families move to new homes in Bolton and the Caledon area every year. Please contact me if you require any further assistance or information.
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