By: Dave Hughes (Bolton) June 2021 (*****Personal Thank You Card)

Greg & Kim, Thank you very much for the fantastic representation during the sale of our home. You guys went over the top with the staging and pictures, to listings and communication. Truely a display of hard work and professionalizm at it's best!

By: Patricia Bell (Bolton) June 2021 (*****Google Review)

Greg & his wife went over and above to help sell our house. Very Professional!

By: Klaus & Monica Windmuller (Bolton) December 2020 (*****Google Review)

Greg is an excellent agent with a very personalized touch. He made sure the property was marketed and showcased effectively and distinctively online and in person. As our agent he assisted us through difficult situations regarding our sale during Covid-19 as well as various issues relevant to our executive Condo townhouse sale. He made sure safeguards were in place at all times by providing face masks, shoe covers, gloves, etc., and made sure that agents showing the property followed strict rules before entering the property. He also looked at and suggested various strategies to circumvent a consturction lein hanging over the property in order to get the property sold. He always prioritized our interest be being a strong negotiator. We would definitley recommend Greg to anyone looking for a top notch realtor.

By: Manuel & Christina Huerta (Bolton) November 2020 (*****Google Review)

Greg Ringer did a great job finding us a Condo in downtown Toronto. He is very professional and gave us all the information (market, price, location, etc.) and the best stragedies to make competitive offers. In the end, we got what we wanted and needed. Therefore we are very pleased to highly recommend Greg to sell or purchase your property.

By: Gisue & Corinne Ghisalberti (Toronto / Bolton) May 2020 (*****Google Review)

Greg has been a true professional from the beginning to the ending of both purchasing and selling our homes. He was knowledgeable, informative and detail-oriented throughout to process and made the whole experience free of needless worries. His many years in real estate were invaluable, most especially in taking care of all our concerns, and he ofted attended to them even before it occurred to my wife and I to ask. I highly recommed his expertise and his personal engagement. Along with his wife Kim, who was a delight to work with in terms of staging our property, their collaberation was much appreciated. A truly great job all around!

By: Ashton Punsammy (Brampton / Caledon) Feb 2020 (*****Google Review)

Greg went over and above the call when helping us buy our first house. He always picks up his phone or texts us with updates. He always acted in our interest from the moment we met him. He is very transparent and I have no problem recommending him to first time buyers like us or to experienced home buyers! Keep up the great work Greg!

By: Janny Hoang (Brampton / Caledon) Feb 2020 (*****Google Review)

Greg is very attentive real estate agent. He has this board that he puts clients on, with a list of their home requirements. Needless to say, as soon as a listing came up that met your requirements he'd be the first to contact you. He would get you in to see the house as soon as you were availabale. He called the agent right then and there and booked a viewing for that home. The listing was literally poste for about an hour before we had an opportunity to see it and we were able to buy it. If you are looking for a home, Greg is the man to call!

By: Marsha and Stephane Chiarotto (Bolton) Oct 2019 (*****Google Review

We first met Greg by attending one of his open houses back in 2013 as we were dissatisfied with our current real estate agent. In speaking to Greg and in asking him questions how he would handle certain real estate situations, he quickly gained our trust and was straight forward with us. At that time, we were looking for a home in Bolton and we knew what we wanted. In sharing with Greg what we wanted and without signing him at that time, he called us within 2 weeks with 2 properties to show us. He knew our wants and needs and both houses were what we were looking for as they me our criteria on our list. Thanks to Greg and his negotiating skills, we now live in one of the homes that he had shown us. He was able to understand our needs and met these needs with the two homes he had shown us, unlke our previous real estate agent who showed us over 60 homes in Bolton and still could not match our needs list! We love our home and we thank Greg for his hard work, dedication and commitment to showing us that Real Estate Agents are here to help you in getting your dream home. We appreciate his honesty. Furthermore, we hired him to sell our then existing home at the time, by which he and his team made recommendations, did their homework about the current area, as to what would work and not, when listing the home. He sold our home without compromising what we wanted and worked hard for it. He was prepared and professional, but most of all, he did his homework. We definately recommed Greg shoud you be looking for a trustworthy agent and for "expecting more" as we beleive Greg delivers on his promises!

By: Ron & Marj Gibson (Bolton) June 2019 (*****Google Review)

We would absolutely recommend Greg to sell your home. Greg's passion for the business, professionalism, solid knowledge of the real estate market and excellent negotiating skills resulted in our home selling in 2 days and for 100% of the asking prices. This would not have happened without his guidance through the process and expertise. Thank You Greg!

By: Lousie Brownmarsh (Bolton)June 2019 (*****Google Review)

We used Greg and his team to sell our home and purchase a new one. His service was impeccable and we absolutely love our new place. He even connected us with movers, painters, and a great electrician. Greg's professionalism is second to none, he is extremely knowledgable and he honestly cares. He has kept in contact with us even after our move was complete to ensure that everything was okay. Thanks so much Greg to you and your great team, and the moving kit you surprised us with was truly wonderful. We will recommend you always"

By: Luisa Gervais (Innisfil) June 2019 (*****Google Review)

Greg and his team are fantastic to work with. They go above and beyond in every aspect and truly do care about their clients. Greg is very passionate about what he does and it clearly shows. We are very lucky to have found him and would highly recommend him and his team to anyone. Thank you for everything!

By: Julie Little (Alliston) June 2019 (*****Google Review)

Greg and his wife were amazing to work with. Greg went above and beyond for us to make sure we got exactly what we needed. I would recommend him to everyone!

By: Joe Montesano (Palgrave) May 2019 (*****Google Review)

Greg sold our house in Palgrave. I would say that he and his wife were great to deal with. From supplying boxes to staging and decorating. Greg sold our home for $ 200,000 over list. I would definatley use Greg again!

By: Mathiew Gervais (Innisfil) June 2019 (*****Google Review)

Greg and his team go above and beyond in every aspect. We have sold two homes with Greg and we can't thank him enough for all the hard work he puts in. From pictures, video's, staging, feature books and providing moving supplies. Greg truly lives up to his slogan "For clients who expect more"! We would highly recommend Greg and his team!

By: Bill Strickland (Brampton) May 2019 (*****Google Review)

I've worked with Greg on many Real Estate listings, and he always goes that extra step for his clients. I would highly recommend Greg for your listing!

By: Louise Brown (Bolton) May 2019

Greg, thank you again so much to you and your team to sell our home and purchase a new one. Your service is immpeccable and we absolutely love our new place. The movers, painters, and electrician you connected us with were all great. Your professionalism is truly second to none, you are extremely knowledgeable and you honestly care. Thanks too for keeping in contact with us even after our move was complete to ensure that everything was okay. Thanks so much Greg to you and your great team, and the moving kit was truly wonderful . I will leave a google reveiw too ... and we will recommend you always! Please keep in touch.

By: Manuel Huerta (Mississauga) August 2018

Greg's servies were top notch in every step of the process. My wife and I just recently relocated back to Canada after spending 6 years abroad. Greg was recommended by a family member, and from the first day we met him, he had already prepared a portfolio with properties that we may be interested in and arranged for viewings. That same day we fell in love with our house and made an offer. Based on his advice, we were able to get the property at slightly under asking and without competing with other bidders. Afterwards, with his help all purchase negotiations went very smoothly. He also followed up after we had moved in to make sure we were all settled and everything had worked out well for us. All in all, extremely professional and attentive to all our needs. Would recommend his services in a heartbeat!

By: Juan & Norma (Bolton/Orangville) June 2018

Greg, we are so happy we came to you when it was time to sell our home. We are extremely pleased with the services we received from you and your team. Thanks so much for helping keep us calm curing a very stressful time. Thnaks again Greg, we love our new home in Orangeville & will keep in touch!

By: Andrew & Mariana M (Bolton) December 2017

Greg, we are so glad we met you at that Open House in bolton, we were moving from our Condo in North York into our first home & did not know where to start. You were genuine & really cared about our needs. You got us a record selling price on our Condo & we love our new home in Bolton. You were extremely professional & stayed on top of every detail from beginning to end. Thanks Greg, you are number 1 in our books!

By: Peter & Frances M (Bolton/Orangeville) December 2017

Greg, you are a wonderful and professional Real Estate Agent. We could not be more please with the service we received from you, both with sellling our house and buying our new house. My husband and I were very nervous as we had been in our current home for a very long time and had no idea of the process. All I can say is we are extremely happy and never imagined that our house would sell for what it did. You and Kim personally worked with us to help git it ready. You genuinely care and in our situation, we know you went above and beyond and we are truly appreciative and thankful. Thanks again Greg, we will see you in Orangeville!

By: Bob McCabe (Bolton / Caledon East) July 2017

We met Greg at an open house and again when he was door knocking on our street in Bolton. What a great guy. We ended up selling our home with him in the spring and "Wow" are we ever glad we listened to him. We wanted to wait and list our home for sale in June when everything was in full bloom and our backyard and pool looked great. However Greg had different plans and said we needed to take advantage of this weird pumped market because we don't know how long it will last. Well Greg was right, and thanks to him we sold for over a hundred thousand over asking price. Greg was fabulous, professional and the absolute best. Take my advice, don't wait for the good weather to sell just because you think it's the right thing to do , AND listen to what Greg tells you to do. Did we mention he was GREAT!

By: Kalhon B (Bolton) October 2017

Greg came to my house on afternoon and introduced himself and left me some information. When it came time for me to sell, I decided to call him to go over selling my home for me. Greg was extremely polite and very professional. I had certain issues and his service was very incredible and he was extremely patient with me. My home needed work, painting and cleaning and his renovator and cleaning crew were great. It sold for the exact price he said it would & I am so very pleased. I have moved out of the region, but I would highly recommend him to anyone

By: Sabina M (Caledon / Orangeville) April 2017)

We are truly grateful that we found you Greg. After fumbling for a year to try and sell our home in Caledon with another agent, you told us what needed to be done to get us sold. Wow, our home sold for 200,000 dollars more than we listed it for. We did everything you told us, and boy are we glad we listened to you & let you do your job. Greg you are excellent and truly the best. We love you Greg!

By: Julie Little (Bolton) July 2017

We have bought and sold numerous house with Greg. He is always very professional and will always go above and beyond expectation! Will recommend him always.

By: Paige & Keith Y (Bolton) Oct 2016)

We want to extend a huge thank you Greg, after knowing you as a neighbour for several years, we were completley blown away at your knowledge and experience. We are so thankful to you and your team in the preparation involved to sell our home & then getting the home of our dreams, we were truly impressed with your ability to negotiate with so many multiple offers. The kids love their new swimming pool. Thanks again!

By: Julie & Jeremy Little (Bolton / Alliston) November 2016

Just want to say what a great experience we had with you Greg in helping assist in purchasing our first home. You were with with us evey step of the way through our reno's & we are so very pleased with the high price we received when we sold. Our home was a true transformation & Greg thanks for all your hard work & commitment!

By: Thanks Greg for being a Great Real Estate Agent & putting up with all those trips to Tottenham only for me to end up in

Linda D ~ (Bolton, Tottenham, Bradford) 2016

By: Andrew & Andrea B ~ 2016

Thanks Greg for all your expert help. After fumbling and spending way too much money this past year trying to sell our home, we met you and indeed as you said we ended up with more money, go figure, only wish we met you a year ago!

By: Marco, Lucia & the twins ~ 2015

Greg, thanks for coming to our door and introducing yourself. As we had purchased a new build,I dreaded having to sell our house and keep it clean while running a home business and the chaos with twin boys, Yikes!. But you brought buyers to us and got us more money than the same house did down the street in less than a month without any hassle to us at all.

By: Tony S. ~ 2015

As a professional renovator, I purchase several homes each year and have used numerous Real Estate agents and never again. Greg, I will definately call on you from now on. I thought I knew everything, thought I could do it myself .... no way, you really know your stuff man. Looking forward to your next call!

By: Nancy F.~ 2014

Greg, you came highly recommend, and I am so very pleased with my first home buying experience. Thanks so much for all the late night telephone calls to calm me down. The professionals you directed me to for my mortgage were great too! I will be sure to recommend you to everyone!

By: Kathleen & Terry J ~ 2014

Thanks Greg for the wonderful experience with helping us find the perfect house. In the next few years, we will call upon you to help find a home for our daughter. Your are truly an experienced & knowledgeable professional.

By: Ken & Ingrid S. ~ 2013

O. M. G. Greg, What you did with our home was incredible, the staging and Kim's photography was the best we have ever seen. You were right, we did what you told us and sold our house for way more than we ever thought possible, a complete transformation. We love our new home you helped us buy and looking forward to your christmas coaco next year !

By: Bruce & Jane K. ~ 2013

We both want you to thank you again for everything. We are so very thankful that we met you at your open house that day. It is so refreshing to work with a great professional with honesty and integrity. I have never seen anyone negotiate like you and in our multiple offer situation. Well we just love our new home all thanks to you.

By: Grant & Amy H. ~ 2012

Thank you Greg for working with us, your patience with our particular situation was so helpful. You made both our selling and buying experience so easy, Whenever we needed anything or had any questions you were always right there. Your complete service was above and beyond. Thanks for everything!

By: Holly & Terry M. ~ 2012

Greg, We want to thank you so very much for helping us with the purchase of our home. As new residents, we were unsure of the different Bolton neighborhoods and you found us the perfect location and home to suit our needs. You negotiated a great price for us and by the way our kids love their new school.

Thank you!
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